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Hegemon A.I.
A stranger walks in to town, but he’s not a stranger, he’s an aggressively hegemonizing A.I. seeking godhood.

Set in the old west – and in orbit – this story starts in Tombstone and ends in the asteroid belt.
Format: Series/Video Game
Genre: Sci-fi/Western
Duration: Pilot, Game concept

WGA #987654321

A man meets a woman and they fall in love, but there’s an ocean between them

Two star-crossed lovers must an ocean of time and space to consummate their unique connection.

Production notes: This screenplay was written with special production considerations in mind.
Format: Feature
Genre: Romance
Duration: 92 pages

WGA #12345678

A man gets on a plane, and then everything goes pear-shaped.

This international action thriller has it all: guns, girls, and gorillas. Also some Russians and a rogue FBI agent. 
Format: Feature
Genre: Action/Triller
Duration: 122 pages

WGA #0000000

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